Carl-Henrik Söderström

Carl-Henrik Söderström

(Naked) Business Leader & Personal Productivity Explorer


Currently, I am working at DHL with full profit & loss responsibility. With responsibility for over 200 people, I need to handle the complexity of being close to the floor, reporting to senior management as well as serving demanding global companies that I have as customers for my part of the business (contract logistics). There seem to be many productivity experts out there, but I never found one in a real leadership role or job. That is where I think I can add some value. Theory is one thing and reality is another…

This website is focused on providing insights, tools, tips and tricks for making busy and people with “drive” more effective and energized.

The foundation of productivity is energy and being busy means having a challenge finding time for working out in most cases. Hence, I have developed super effective workouts you can carry out in less than 20 minutes.

Along with the workouts there are also blog posts where I share insights from books and personal experience on how to master a busy lifestyle while becoming more productive.

Vision: Enable lifestyle and productivity improvement for people with drive.

Mission: Learn and teach “energizing & successful habits”.

Feel free to subscribe, get energized and hopefully inspired.

For some exercises I have a female power woman named Linn modeling. Follow Linn’s blog (in Swedish) by clicking here.

Dream big, start small, act now. “Better done than perfect”.

// Carl