Healthy Re-focusing With A Mini Retirement

I just tried the concept of a mini-retirement, meaning that you take out part of your retirement before you are actually retired. It was essentially a paternity leave I had with my son for three months, but where my whole family took the car through Europe down to the “Costa del sol” (sun coast) in southern Spain.

The trip was like being newborn again and here are some of the “hard” outcomes:

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Will you be remembered for responding to thousands of emails?

In my day job as a business leader and P&L owner with accountability of over 200 people, I get A LOT of emails from customers, direct reports, suppliers and managers every hour. I am essentially right in the middle of the email communication hub between all these parties. I have read about, tried and tested most email management methods out there. A lot of the advice propose systems with lists and folders that complicates my work more than it helps. Here are my insights on how to best deal with email.

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Can A Morning Ritual Set You Up For A Successful Life?

If your days are successful and your life is made up of days, your life should also be successful as a result, right. I believe that just as the take-off and landing are the most critical parts of flying, the rituals you install going to bed and waking up can be the difference between an enjoyable journey or a crash and burn.

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