If you snooze you lose. Successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, Percy Barnevik, Tony Robbins, Aristotle, Ingvar Kamprad and many more have at least one powerful productivity hack in common. They are all early risers.

Below I will show you examples of expert morning rituals together with morning rituals I practice myself. I will also provide you with supporting tools and further recommended reading for installing powerful morning rituals. After having read this post you have a great foundation for taking your morning ritual to the next level. You will hopefully be able to boost your personal productivity using this top rated productivity hack in new ways.

Your morning is your daily take-off.

Setting yourself up for a successful day is essentially setting yourself up for a successful life. If your days are successful and your life is made up of days, your life should also be successful as a result, right. I believe that just as the take-off and landing are the most critical parts of flying, the rituals you install going to bed and waking up can be the difference between an enjoyable journey or a crash and burn. The thing I think is so important and powerful with the morning rituals is that they give you an early sense of accomplishment and momentum that last throughout the whole day.

The power of habits.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Most of us know what to do to get fit. Anyway many people procrastinate and skip their scheduled workouts and instead postpone it for starting tomorrow instead. But as the saying goes, there is no better time to start than now. Most doctors have read more than the rest of us on what is required to get fit. Still a large percentage of doctors are overweight.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

– Jim Rohn

Installing consistent daily routines that support your purpose and long term goals bit by bit is not always comfortable, but the rewards can be great vs just letting things go, which can cause depression, credit card debt, bad health etc.

Many people say it takes approximately one month to install a new habit. In the beginning, you will always feel resistance, but as time goes by and you stick with it, it will feel more and more natural and easy for you to continue.

A few years ago I read a lot of self-help books where I saw a common pattern with regards to success hacks. Many of them brought up the power of morning ritual habits. I understood then that if there was one habit to prioritize, it was the morning ritual. I decided to give it 3o days (going up at 5 am that is) and now I have more or less consistently stayed with it for four years.

Set your expectations high, but not too high.

Before I go further into detail on my own daily morning rituals, I just want to make clear that when I started going up at 05:00 a four years ago, I just went to the toilet and did as many push-ups as I could in one go, got dressed and went to work. I suggest you install the morning routine bit by bit, not to get overwhelmed. Just going up and doing some push-ups is great to start with until you feel that you can do more after you have gotten used to just going up and are ready for more.

My proven morning ritual.

Trust me when I say that I think my morning ritual is one of my main cornerstones to staying energized and positive throughout the day. I have always been quite an energy pack, but I think it is boosted a few times in addition due to my morning ritual.

I have tried few different versions of habits in the morning and below is currently the schedule I adhere to. My golden hour is between 05:00-06:00 and you should have respect for the setup time you have for certain activities, so you don’t try to squeeze too much in there. Tips: set the main cut-off times as alarms on your smartphone. For me time flies fast in the morning:

  1. 05:00 – My phone alarm goes off on the other side of the room, which forces me to get up to turn it off. I turn the lights on and rise on a count to three. Meaning that instead of hitting the snooze button I go 1) sit-up in bed 2) put feet on the floor and 3) stand up. This 1,2,3 stops me from thinking too much and just rise like a machine instead. Waking up at 05:00 does not mean that I sit down in front of the computer at 05:01. It normally takes a few minutes to go up even if I use the 1,2,3 count to get out of bed quickly.
  2. 05:05  – Going to the bathroom and hydrating by drinking a glass of water.
  3. 05:10 – Making my bed, which gives me my day’s first sense of accomplishment.
  4. 05:10 – Writing/blogging and thinking deeply about something.
  5. 05:25 – Walking the dog while listening to an audiobook or podcast.
  6. 05:40 – Exercising by pressing play and following my quick workouts anywhere routines.
  7. 06:00 – Preparing coffee with coconut oil instead of milk (haven’t tried Bulletproof Coffee yet) and a good breakfast for my family.
  8. 06:15 – Eating with my kids, preferably without any distractions such as TV and stuff…
  9. 06:30 – Ironing a shirt while listening to an audiobook or podcast.
  10. 06:45 – Showering and getting dressed.
  11. 07:00 – Driving kids to school.
  12. 07:15 – Driving to work and listening again to audiobooks or podcasts.
  13. 08:00 – At work and writing down my daily priorities without opening my computer. I pick the two I want to prioritise that also supports my long-term goals and try to get going with them first thing.

Notice that I managed to squeeze in 1H 15 Min of learning through audiobooks and podcasts just in the morning.

Steps to get started with an energizing morning ritual.

  1. Go to bed one hour earlier
  2. Get up one hour earlier
  3. Take a walk and/or carry out a quick workout as one of your first activities to include in your morning program.
  4. Include one element from the list below before adding more complexity to your magic morning ritual. Remember that anything is better than nothing.

Common things that successful early risers put in their morning ritual:

  • Journalling
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Learning
  • Exercise
  • Planning


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Morning rituals are being used by many successful people.

Many successful people have very deliberate morning rituals, which is fuel for their success. Robin Sharma said that getting up early is the number one advice that has had the most impact on his audience lives. The author Hal Elrod of the Miracle morning book has examples of people that attribute their increased wealth or weight loss to getting up earlier. Tim Ferris has 5 things he does to start the day by getting an early sense of accomplishment, which is important for the rest of the day. John Lee Dumas at EOFire.com takes a 35-minute walk and a 7-minute workout daily together with a whole heap of other rituals.

Just like a good childhood is essential for a good life, a good morning is a vital for a good day. As life is made up of  days, a good morning is vital for a successful life.

Please tell about a powerful morning ritual you might have in the comment section below.