My life expectancy based on the Swedish average








I am currently reading a great book on goal setting by Matthew Michalewicz called Life in half a second. The book is a step by step instruction on goal setting and I am currently ticking off all of the action items proposed in the book one by one.

Matthew very early in the book presents a way of looking at time as a way to spark a sense of urgency in life. He suggests a look at life as how much time you have left rather than how old you are. Doing this it becomes more apparent that time is ticking and that time is a finite resource.

Even if this is a more “stressful” way of looking at life to ensure you take daily actions towards reaching your goals it is even on the optimistic side. In Sweden, the life expectancy average is 80 years for men, but that is an average and a big percentage of the population will unfortunately have to end life even earlier.

You can feel sore or sorry tomorrow. It is your choice.