As no one of us know how long we will actually live for it is of course quite dangerous to postpone life to retirement. Here is a video on the idea and beneath it a trial I did myself with my family during Q1 of 2016 including a video of our trip as well:

I just tried the concept of a mini-retirement, meaning that you take out part of your retirement before you are actually retired. It was essentially a paternity leave I had with my son for three months, but where my whole family took the car through Europe down to the “Costa del sol” (sun coast) in southern Spain.

The trip was like being newborn again and here are some of the “hard” outcomes:

  • A new website ( with 30 songs in 30 days
  • Started sidepreneurship with
  • Established clear goals for 2016
  • Re-carved my six pack with some CrossFit and Mediterranean food :)
  • Learned surf-skateboarding and started a website on how to learn to surf skate ( for fun. I spent one hour on the project, but actually got contacted by the founder of Carver surf skateboards just a couple of days afterwards, so something must have gone right.
  • And above all else I heard my son say “I love you dad” for the first time ever!

Here is a short video I have put together from our little family adventure: